Cain's Works Experience

The Game

In May of 2015, some friends from high school had reached out to me to see if I was interested in helping create an indie video game that could possibly become a business. We had decided to name the group Cain's Works after a friend from high school that had passed away from cancer in January 2014. At the time, I had just finished school for the year, and I had no side projects to work on, so I definitiely wanted to try it out!

After a bit of research, we decided to use the Unity game engine as it doesn't cost any money until we make $100,000, which was a decent deal at that point. So we went to work. I acted as the lead developer on the programming side of the project, with two other programmers for me to give direction to. I also needed to communicate with the audio, story, and art teams to request content or provide progress updates on development.

I can't spill too many beans on the details of the game, but I can describe some. We have been working on a game that is planned to be titled, "The Cosmic Variable". The Cosmic Variable is going to be a space adventure/RPG game that the player fills the shoes of a space traveler on a mission. The player can change the traveler's fate as they progress by choices that they make. The traveler also can come across random encounters that can either be good or bad. That is the core idea of the Cosmic Variable, and we are still working on its development.

As of recently, all the members of the team that are college students have gone back to college now, and some members have left the team as well. So that has slowed development quite a bit. I plan to update this page as I have news on the development of the game.

My Contributions

As the lead developer, I had communicated closely with each area of the Cain's Works team along with contributing to the development of the game. I have become familiar with the Unity editing interface and I have started to understand good practices in the game development space. The programming language that I use for scripting in Unity is C#, and I have continued to improve my skills in C# by working on this game.

I have also become exposed to 3D modeling, animation, texturing, and cinematic effects from my experience working on the game. I have learned the basics on how to create them, along with where and how they are properly used in a game setting.

I hope to continue developing for the Cain's Works team on the side, and I hope that we create a successful indie game in the process.