The collection of the many things that I do on the side.


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Ultimate Doge Watch Interface

Raspberry Pi/Arduino

I have recently found an interest in finding unique little applications for tiny computers! Anywhere from using them as a web server, to using them as data loggers that go in my car. I have been using a raspberry pi as a data logger in my most recent project.

Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Unity/Video Games

I have always been a big fan of video games, and I have enjoyed playing them and had even aspired to create my own! Recently, I have been! I can give you a little insight of what I am working on at Cain's Works.

Cain's Works

Building Computers

For a long time, I have been a computer hardware geek. Always staying updated on the latest computer hardware, and wanting to get the latest thing. Not only do I enjoy having a fast computer, but I enjoy making it a project as well.

Building Computers

Pebble Smartwatch Programming

I am one of those people that enjoy having the latest gadgets. That being said, I also was an adopter of one of the first smart watches, the Pebble. Having this cool new device, and being a programmer, I naturally wanted to write some code for it. I then did.

Pebble Programming