Photo of Mack

Hi! I'm Mack.

For my entire life, I have been a tinkerer. From taking my electronics apart out of curiousity to adding watercooling to my desktop computer to make it faster. That is only part of me. The other part of me loves to solve problems and find solutions for seemingly impossible challenges.
Combining those two sides of me, you have a problem solver that loves to get his hands dirty. Then throw in computers, then you have me! I enjoy working on computers, creating solutions to issues in my everyday life.
I started programming in Middle School, and started building computers in High School. In high school I decided that I would like to major in Computer Science, as I enjoyed programming and designing software solutions. I am now graduated from the University of Minnesota and working full time at Infor, and I still find time for side projects and other hobbies. I enjoy seeing my projects completed as they improve everyday life for either myself or others.