Mack's Current Computer

Building Computers

I started to build computers in early high school (I would say, 10th grade). It was so exciting for me to make something with my own hands, and it performs better than anything you get off the shelf. As I got older and got a job, I now had a source of income. You can probably guess what I spent that money on. Yup, more computer parts.

In the first picture here, that is my current desktop computer. It has all the bells and whistles, Watercooling, Overclocking, and the latest computer parts. My computers have never been this fancy, I started out real small, with a $200 budget, and I have been building upon that computer ever since.

Through the whole process, I have learned tons about computer hardware, how it works, what breaks it, what fixes it, and so much more. From this experience, I had even gained enough experience to land a position working at Micro Center as a Level II Technician. I think this experience with computer hardware helps me as a computer scientist, as I able to understand the hardware that I am working with.

On this page, I will provide a quick history of the work that I have done with building my computer, and how it has evolved.

Mack's First Computer

First Computer

As explained above, my first computer was a really cheap one, and was my first real exposure to working on computer hardware. I started my build in the spring of my 10th Grade year in high school (2010). I had gotten it completed by the time summer came around, so then I could play some video games with my friends!

I had learned lots of lessons in building my first computer. I had learned what was compatible, what wasn't, and how to not light your stuff on fire. All learning from experience or guides on the web. At this point, I was really proud of it because of the fact that it worked. I didn't care too much how high-tier my hardware was, because it worked, and it played some video games.

Micro Center Era

After I had graduated high school in 2012, I had gotten a job at the Micro Center near Minneapolis. I was hired as a Customer Service Rep, and working there had opened up my eyes to all the latest computer hardware out there. Since I had built my computer, I had been itching to improve it. However, I didn't have any income to be able to afford it. Well, now I did.

I had decided to buy lots of new parts and upgrade most of the components in my computer. In addition to that, I had become interested in Watercooling it. Not only because I could overclock it more, but it is also a way that I can express my creativity (with the custom watercooling at least). By the end of 2013, I had upgraded my computer to a new level, and set up the custom watercooling.

Among the other employees at Micro Center, I had become the expert on custom watercooling. In the process of upgrading, I had learned tons in terms of head transfer, water flow, and of course how to put it together.

Mack's Mid Computer

Mack's Current Computer

Latest Phase

The latest version of my computer was technically while I was at Micro Center, when I was a technician. I had gone to the extreme of improving my computer, as I replaced a lot of core components to what is considered enthusiast parts. I also increased the complexity of the water cooling system that was in there as well.

At this point, I had done lots of research to basically develop my computer into a powerful piece of artwork. At this point, I had modified computer cases and spray painted them different colors along with other modifications. I added more parts to the watercooling, and I had switched from normal plastic tubing to rigid acrylic tubing.

Knowing Me, I will probably continue to improve my computer. I will probably keep buying parts and creating an even more customized computer to fit my personality.

As I upgrade my computer, I will be updating this page.