Mack Chamberlain

I'm a Software Engineer and Application Developer in the San Francisco Bay Area.
I enjoy working in C/C++, AWS, R, and a few others.


With the mind of a Millennial and the work ethic of a Baby Boomer, I am a hard working and efficient individual.
I primarily use C/C++, but picking up a new library or language isn't a problem. I am also familiar with a plethora of other languages and libraries. You can find that list over on my experience page. I have extensive programming experience and I am comfortable developing a wide range of software solutions. In addition, I am comfortable working closely with computer hardware, such as embedded programming.
C/C++ Development - My favorite topic is C/C++, as I have the most experience working with them. I develop command line tools for my own use, along with executables for my side projects. I am comfortable with both small and large projects. I have also become familiar with developing solutions in both C# and Objective C as well.
AWS Work - At Infor, I work in AWS to automate software development tools and maintain application environments. I have become familiar with managing EC2 instances, writing Lambda Functions, and I use SNS to send messages across our infrastructure. Those are not the only services that I use, as there are too many to list here. I have learned how to work in the cloud using these tools.
R Development - The language that I have the most work experience in is R. If you are not familiar with R, take a look at it here. I am comfortable performing large scale (Data Sets larger than 1 GB) data manipulation and analysis on that data. I am also very familiar with RStudio's Shiny web framework. R is a fast growing language, and I am fortunate enough to be familiar with it when Big Data is also growing.
Web Development - Alright I admit, I don't have any web development experience. However, I am very interested in learning, so I have been working on mastering HTML and CSS to start. I will then move onto Javascript and its frameworks, PHP, and Python for the web. If it is any credit, I built this very website. Interested in seeing my code? Check it over at its GitHub Repo here.

My Info

You can see some of my code and other things that I have done on my projects page and on my GitHub page.